Profile picture Aller à Our daughter Ella has a very rare neuromuscular disorder. We have been struggling the last 5 years to get a diagnosis but she remains a medical mystery. She is now 9 years old and started showing signs of lower leg weakness 5 years ago. In the past 5 years she has gone from being a completely mobile child to needing a wheelchair full time and her condition continues to progress and affect her whole body. We were granted a Wish through the amazing Starlight Foundation in 2018. The Wish lifted Ella's spirit during a time when she was being faced with so many challenges for a little girl both physically and emotionally. The Wish trip gave us an opportunity to leave our worries behind, relax and just have fun! The Wish trip re-energized Ella and her spirit. We are so incredibly grateful to the Starlight Foundation and what they have done for our family. We want to Give Back!! We want to raise enough donations to grant 2 wishes to another deserving child and reward them for their courage and braveness. We are happy to continue to do our homemade dog treats fundraiser “Ella’s Wishbones for Wishes” that we started in January. Faire un don a Northcott
La famille Northcott
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Ella’s Wishbones School Fundraiser For Wishes Montant: $ 175 Date de réception12/12/2019
Mary Burke Montant: $ 100 Date de réception11/10/2019
JOANNE ROWE Montant: $ 2000 Date de réception11/8/2019
" great job Ella "
Anonyme Montant: $ 1500 Date de réception11/6/2019
CLIFFORD RHEE Montant: $ 3000 Date de réception11/5/2019
Ryan Devries Date de réception10/23/2019
Diana Higdon Montant: $ 50 Date de réception10/23/2019
Daniel Robitaille Date de réception10/21/2019
"Keep going Ella so I still pinch your nose"
Reebok Crossfit Firepower Montant: $ 412 Date de réception10/21/2019
"Ella’s wishbones fundraiser "
Jenny Tang Date de réception10/19/2019
"An amazing fundraiser by the bravest little girl!! Well done Ella. Love the Lyons"
Mississauga Fire Department Montant: $ 260 Date de réception10/8/2019
"Ella’s fundraiser 🤗🤩"
Kelly Gallagher Date de réception09/30/2019
"Great work Ella!"
Cathy Malcolmson Date de réception09/24/2019
"What a great cause and incredible work you’re doing Ella. Way to go! "
Iain Macintosh Montant: $ 759 Date de réception09/22/2019
"A great cause and very brave girl"
Marilyn Northcott Date de réception09/22/2019
"Such a great cause and thank you Ella, and family for all your hard work."
Hikvision Canada- Company Fundraising Event Montant: $ 696.8 Date de réception09/22/2019
Brittany Torres Date de réception08/30/2019
Lupita Dominguez Date de réception08/30/2019
Barbara Macintosh Date de réception08/28/2019
Qin Wang Date de réception08/16/2019
Luana Burns Date de réception08/16/2019
Darrell Giles Montant: $ 100 Date de réception08/16/2019
"Best thing is to help others "
Jeff Augustine Date de réception08/15/2019
"Awesome Job! Almost there!!!"
Kelley Charern Date de réception08/15/2019
Eric Gras Montant: $ 100 Date de réception08/15/2019
Zeena Abidi Date de réception08/15/2019
Chris Haun Montant: $ 100 Date de réception08/15/2019
"Awesome Cause! Happy to help!"
Shadi Tefagh Date de réception08/12/2019
"A great cause! Great job Ella!!! "
Daniel Trudeau Montant: $ 500 Date de réception08/6/2019
"Happy to help a great cause!"
Martha Entwistle Montant: $ 50 Date de réception08/6/2019
"Nice Work Ella! "
Patrick Potier Date de réception08/6/2019
Huixiong Marie-Rose Wang Date de réception08/5/2019
"Du courage"
Connie Rios Date de réception07/31/2019
Heather Martin Date de réception07/30/2019
"Way to go Ella! "
Rick Kitamura Date de réception07/30/2019
Eric Shen Date de réception07/30/2019
John Ferris Date de réception07/30/2019
Christian Beaudin Montant: $ 250 Date de réception07/26/2019
"De la famille Beaudin"
Vincent Lescaut Montant: $ 500 Date de réception07/23/2019
"Wish you all the best"
Barbara MacIntosh Date de réception07/19/2019
Mary Burke Montant: $ 50 Date de réception04/12/2019
Tanya Denich Montant: $ 10 Date de réception04/6/2019
Sherry Stevenson Montant: $ 30 Date de réception04/1/2019
"Great cause guys!"
ELLA NORTHCOTT Montant: $ 3000 Date de réception03/24/2019