Profile picture Aller à Our daughter Ella has a very rare neuromuscular disorder. We have been struggling the last 5 years to get a diagnosis but she remains a medical mystery. She is now 9 years old and started showing signs of lower leg weakness 5 years ago. In the past 5 years she has gone from being a completely mobile child to needing a wheelchair full time and her condition continues to progress and affect her whole body. We were granted a Wish through the amazing Starlight Foundation in 2018. The Wish lifted Ella's spirit during a time when she was being faced with so many challenges for a little girl both physically and emotionally. The Wish trip gave us an opportunity to leave our worries behind, relax and just have fun! The Wish trip re-energized Ella and her spirit. We are so incredibly grateful to the Starlight Foundation and what they have done for our family. We want to Give Back!! We want to raise enough donations to grant 2 wishes to another deserving child and reward them for their courage and braveness. We are happy to continue to do our homemade dog treats fundraiser “Ella’s Wishbones for Wishes” that we started in January. Faire un don a Northcott
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In 2019, we were able to raise an incredible $17,228 towards Ella's Wishbones for Wishes campaign. This was made possible with the help and contributions of so many friends and family. 

In 2020, we hope to raise even more for the amazing Starlight Children's Foundaiton of Canada. They have done so much for our family and put endless smiles on our daughter Ella's face during some of her most challenging times. We can't thank them enough and want to give back and help grant more Wishes to the bravest most deserving children 

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