Profile picture Aller à Our son has been a Starlight Child since fall of 2012. We have enjoyed many events with them. In the fall of 2014 DJ was granted a wish and during the spring of 2015 we went on a trip to Orlando and got to enjoy visits to Give Kids the World, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. We had the time of our lives. We are also very big Vancouver Canuck fans in our home. We have attended many games care of Starlight and their partners. Some highlights were being in the building when Henrik Sedin scored his 1000th point and meeting Jay Beagle and getting a tour of the locker room. Starlight has provided us with many happy memories and we have always wanted to give back. #families4families provided us with that chance. Faire un don a Narayan
La famille Narayan

Our son DJ was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2006, when he was three years old. Summer of 2012 he reached a place in the treatment of his Colitis that he was ready to give up. Treatments were invasive and he begged us to stop. We listened with the compassion that he needed. We simply told him a grown up decision required a grown up conversation. He cried and I cried with him. We had been trying for six years to find the right treatment. We consulted with his medical team and they too listened to him with compassion and empathy. Together we went down a new treatment path. And when that one didn’t work we started another one. We are happy to say the last treatment is the one that worked. DJ has thrived. He has grown his symptoms have been reduced and he is a happy fairly healthy high school student.

As a parent when there is nothing you can do to make the hurt and pain go away you hope and wish for something to bring a bit of sunshine and happiness into their life. Enter Starlight Children’s Foundation. We applied to Starlight and became a Starlight family in the fall of 2012. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful we are. Our family has participated in so many different events and attended so many professional sports games. Starlight is like a part of our family. I have made contact with other parents who understand the day to day struggle and who are looking for that same space to allow your child to leave the medical treatments behind and to just be a kid.

One of our greatest joys as a Starlight family is the wish they granted DJ. Wish trip guidelines can be tricky. Starlights guidelines differed just enough that he qualified and was granted a wish in Spring of 2015. We had the most amazing trip to Orlando and experienced what was probably the last Star Wars Weekends. We have many pictures that captured the feelings we had during this exciting trip. Many of the characters paid special attention to both our boys and made us feel like we were the only ones in the park.

Ever since this trip we have wondered how can we give back to Starlight when they have given us so much. We now wish to give back to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada and help them fulfill their mission of providing smiles, laughter and joy to other children in need.

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