Profile picture Aller à For us helping the Starlight Foundation grant more wishes for Starlight Children isn't a question... its a must. A quest to give back and spread more love and magic! UPDATE: In March 2019 we attended the Starlight Gala and were blessed to share Tristan's story on stage and announce our donation of $7000 raised through this page and grant TWO WISHES in Tristan's memory! Nintendo and Pokemon were so touched they brought our wish count to THREE to help honour Tristan! Please help us prepare for Gala 2020 when we hope to beat this year and grant FOUR wishes! All money raised by Team Wishes this year is being done in Tristan's memory and we are SO grateful! With this years $7000 raised given at gala 2019 with another $14,000 our dream for Gala 2020 will be reached!!!! Thank you for making a donation and helping us make more dreams come true!! Faire un don a Damasio
La famille Damasio

Dreams Do Come True

Its so important to us to give back to the Starlight Foundation, To help ensure another child's wish comes true. Tristan wish sadly became his dying wish in June 2018 when the Starlight foundation pulled off a miracle with the help of some angels from Nintendo and Pokémon. Our beloved Tristan fought long and hard from DIPG brain cancer, beating the 9 month survival rate. Tristan won his battle with DIPG and when he was set free from this disease and gained his angel wings after three years of fighting on June 30th 2018.

Two weeks prior to his passing Starlight and Nintendo paid him the most special visit. They went above and beyond for our son to make his wish of playing the new Pokémon Let's Go game a reality. Our hearts feared he wouldn't make it to the game release date the following November. Our hearts are broken he isn't here to enjoy the game today. Thanks to Starlight, we have peace knowing he was blessed to experience it that special day in June. Even though it wasn't quite finished, a now dear friend from Nintendo flew in to make sure Tristan would get a chance to play! He felt so cool testing the game and giving his feedback... a big Tristan thumbs up of approval.

Making this happen was no small feat, but like Tristan, Starlight didn't give up! The motivation and dedication within the team and all of the emails would bring us to tears! Knowing how loved Tristan was and how many people he inspired was very humbling for us as parents. The joy, gifts and energy they provided him and all of us is beyond words. It was a feeling, a feeling of love and magic that filled our home and hearts. Tristan was overjoyed being the first child to play this incredible game and receive the outpouring of love they provided.

The surprises kept rolling in from Starlight and their partners, even aiding us in giving him an early 6th birthday party with his family and friends... a 6th birthday he then celebrated in Heaven. We even got to take Tristan to his first and only Blue Jay's Game where we were gifted our very own personalized Jersey's!

Our darkest of days were brightened by Starlight. They were able to give our son things we couldn't imagine making possible in those days, but we knew he deserved.

We are eternally grateful to the Starlight Foundation for being the fairy Godmothers and Godfathers they are to so many families. We hope through our efforts and the support and generosity of our community, that we can be sure to keep the magic alive and growing! They provide a medicine like no other... a treatment of laughter and joy, one a family will remember and hold dear forever.

Please join us in honoring our son Tristan's life. Tristan was always a giver of love and kindness, the most tender of hearts and we know he was so happy and proud to see us reach our goal of donating a wish for another Starlight Child at this years 2019 Gala!

Our dream was to stand proudly and represent Tristan's Army at the Gala this past March and it came true!! With incredible generosity from our family, friends and community at Trail Ridge Montessori (Tristan and Amelie's school) we were able to raise $7000 and grant TWO WISHES!!!!! It was a moment I will never forget! The loving enregy in that room was felt by all in attendance and our friends at Nintendo and Pokemon granted one more wish in Tristan's honour! Totalling Three wishes in Tristan's memory!!!

We are on a mission to make something beautiful out of something tragic. To spread the love and kindness that was so graciously shown to us in our deep time of need and despair. After this years Gala success I have been welcomed to the amazing Team Wishes at the Starlight Foundation and we are hoping to surpass this years goal by Gala 2020! All money raised this year by our family page and Team Wishes is being done in Tristan's memory and this fills our heart with so much peace, knowing our son's legacy lives on in the most joyous of ways! 

With love and gratitude,

Cody, Marie, Amelie and in memory of Tristan The Brave <3

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