Profile picture Aller à Violet was a well known child in our community that had a sparkling personality that made her noticed and helped her to meet and connect with other children very easily. She was adventurous, friendly, funny and generous, she made friends easily and cared for them deeply. Violet has helped with fundraising and donations in the past when she was still with us and I would like to help continue on in her honor & memory with her little brother Lincoln Faire un don a In Memory of Violet
La famille In Memory of Violet
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Marie Tubby Montant: $ 50 Date de réception12/1/2020
"Love ❤️ you & miss you beyond words girly! Grandpa & Grandma"
Anonyme Montant: $ 100 Date de réception11/27/2020
"We love you Violet, miss you. "
Jesse & Samantha Stamplicoski Montant: $ 20 Date de réception11/27/2020
"For a special little girl, and her amazing Mom ❤️"
Peter, Rhonda & Trinity Commanda Montant: $ 100 Date de réception11/27/2020
"We miss you so much Violet! 💜"
Mathew Deschene Montant: $ 20 Date de réception11/27/2020